Sandra Mickiewicz 

Sandra Mickiewicz is a Polish documentary photographer who lives and works in North London.

 In 2007, her family immigrated to the United Kingdom, where she started to develop her skills in painting and drawing. She discovered photography at the age of 15. Since that time, Sandra has used her camera as a tool to communicate with the world. She is drawn into very ordinary and conventional moments in our everyday life, which she documents by exploring portraiture and landscape photography.  Sandra mainly works with the communities, as she is really inspired by people and their stories. She loves to work on personal projects which allows her to photograph whatever she wants, starting from acrobats in the small circuses to larger communities and strangers which she finds difficult and really challenging to photograph. She is influenced by photographers like Alec Soth, Sally Mann and Marry Ellen Mark. 

In 2018 she graduated from Middlesex University in London where she studied photography. Her work was exhibited in London and the last project called “Happy Club” was a part of Free Range Show in 2018.

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