From somewhere to nowhere.

It has been one year since I graduated. After applying three times to Middlesex University, my goal was finally completed. I felt extremely happy and lost at the same time. The question I constantly asked myself was- What’s next? I had no plans and no goals. Over the next few months, I walked from somewhere to nowhere with my camera taking some random pictures and hoping to find the answer to my question. There were days when I felt disappointed and angry. On those moments, I grabbed my camera repeating the same thing over and over again. Looking through the view finder and listening the shutter going off “click… click… click…” It was like a pain relief. A way of letting go all the bad feelings and emotions before they took control over my head. As soon I put the camera down, without looking through the pictures I took, everything went back to normal.

Hungry for inspiration.

Last year, in the middle of grey and gloomy November, I sat down in my bedroom with a blank piece of paper and a pen. I started to write down and visualize my new goals. Can you imagine my main goal written with a big capital letters on the first page? I am sure you can- I WANT TO BE PHOTOGRAPHER. Sounds very easy isn't it? However, I didn’t want it to be easy, so I started to expand all my thoughts, ideas and the most importantly, deadlines. Thanks to this exercise, I finally became hungry for inspiration.

Over the last two moths I’ve been working with the Gypsy and Traveller community based in Hertfordshire. Currently I am at the stage of building the trust and getting to know the society. I’ve been invited by Sherrie Smith to photograph Appleby Horse Fair, where all the Gypsies and Travellers gather together in the town of Appleby in Cumbria, North England.

In two days we will be on our way to Appleby. I am very excited for this event. Another opportunity and new experience. I’ve got a feeling that me and my camera will have very busy, productive and unforgettable time! I will share with you my little road trip within the next few days on my Instagram and hopefully here when I get time.

In the mean time… do what makes you happy!


Sherrie with her daughter Scarlett, 2019