Bricket Wood

The connection with nature is priceless. I like to observe what’s around me. Listen to the surroundings and smell the fresh air. Time spent among nature is never wasted. 

Every year in October, I always go to the forest in Bricket Wood. The reason for that is because as a child, I used to spend a lot of time in the woods with my dad and my younger sister during the Autumn. This place is magnificent to me. When I am there, sometimes I feel like time has stopped. I feel like I am a child again. I am incredibly happy that our tradition hasn’t faded away and we can still step back in time. 

Dahlia Flowers

The dahlia flower symbolises kindness and grace. It teaches us to be kind and generous towards others, because in return we can get much more from life. Dahlia is a symbol of adventure, but also represents relaxation and finding balance in life. 

They are my favourite flowers for a reason right after the sunflowers. Usually we give and receive the flowers on a special occasions. We tend to give them to our friends, family and loved ones to say “Congratulations” ,”I love you” and in some cases “I am sorry”. When was the last time you gave someone a flower and the only reason was a simple but at the same time forgotten by many people…kindness?

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and others. The world is more beautiful with kind people. 

The photograph was taken on my little bike trip from Watford towards London by the Grand Union Canal. It’s my “unusual” way of photographing the flowers. 

PS: If you ever go down this route, I highly recommend you to stop at Jack’s Mill Cafe for a vegan carrot cake and delicious coffee!

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