Upton upon Severn

On my last trip I went to Upton upon Severn hoping to follow the river in order to document the British land and its people. Upon arrival I found that it was flooded by the river Severn because of the hurricane which happened a week earlier. 

The town was devastated and surprisingly, the local residents were not so upset about it. Everyone seemed to be very happy and open. I wandered around the town with my camera and I was approached by many people. They were aware I wasn’t local. I was even invited to the house by one of the residents who wanted me to photograph the view on the river from his massive window in his bedroom.

There was something magical about this small town. I guess it was the beauty of nature and kindness of the people I met. Also, I really enjoyed the local home made food served at Henry’s Cafe bookshop and antiques.

On that day I felt like the happiest person in the world. I met lovely people, I had really good food, the sun was out and I was strolling around taking pictures and listening to music in a town devastated by the floods. So strange.

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